Iv’e been here a thousand times, yet I’m always in for a suprise

I was welcomed by sunshine, which then turned into rain which later turned into more sunshine and now we’re back to the rain, Irleands at it’s best. You gotto admire the people who live here every day. No one walks around with a umberella?! I don’t get it. My mom said it’s because then you’d have to walk around with one all the time. I’ll give her that. But wow I can’t stop loosing my breath when we drive around here. I have been here at least 50 times but i can’t get over it, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! 

We arrived last monday and we were in dublin in our family home for a couple of days before we drove up to the notrh to Co. Donegal where we stayed in Ardara for a few days. It was a really nice town. Iv’e neer been to the north of Ireland so it was really nice to see a new place. The accents are sooooo nice. And the weather was fabulous. Right now we’re in Clifden in Co. Galway. The weather is not at its bes but I still love Clifden. No matter the weather. In a few days we’ll be heading down to Co.Cork to visit our friends. I can’t wait.

Here are some pictures so that you understand why I’m in love with Ireland and why I never ever want to part with it’s vast landscape and it’s wild ocean. Never ever.



It’s like there’s a professor in your mouth


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