The Olympics

Sooo… I think almost everyone has been hearing the yelps leaving people’s mouths in London when someone mentions the Olympics. But if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll fill you in on the matter.

The Olympics is finally here! But not everyone is pleased. Actually it seems that more people are disgruntled than happy about the Olympics being held in London, or being held at all. The biggest problem facing the Olympic staff in London is that there isn’t really any staff! If you think that your eyes are fooling you I will ensure you that your eyes are perfectly fine! The British government signed a contract with a security company called G4S letting G4S employ people during the Olympics. Now it turns out that G4S have not employed enough people. To make it more clear the number is close to 8000 people.


To make the matter even more interesting people in the British government knew about this problem several months ago but did not do anything about it. Hmmm I wonder if they are shitting their pants right now. Lets hope they fix it, after all the Olympics starts in what? A couple of days?

But the government has come with a solution that I hadn’t thought of. They have decided to deploy more than 18 thousand soldiers to help with the Olympics. I wonder if G4S are still getting paid for the contract which they have not fulfilled. After all it is the British taxpayers who are paying for the security staffs that don’t exist. I smell an angry crowd…


So long mother fruckers



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