The Walk of Shame

Yesterday me and my family were out shopping for dustbins, tv’s ect. Let me tell you we were in great need of that dustbin. Our old one had seen better days. So when we had found a dustbin and a tv that satisfied our needs my mother decided that she wanted to do our grocery shopping in Aldi. ALDI!? It’s kind of the Swedish version of Netto. The despair that ran through me when we had to walk down aisle after aisle looking for juice that they didn’t have and tomato sauce that did not exist. My mother noticed my mood shifting and decided that she didn’t either want to shop here anymore. My father and sister were not far behind.

Despite our feelings about the store we decided to buy the items that we had picked up. Bad decision. When my parents were about to pay, their card was denied because it is listed as a credit card. Dum dum dum duuuuum! The visa card is a debit card but because it is from Sweden the shop couldn’t register it as having actual money on it. Really come on? I think you know what happens next. Yes you are correct we had to do the walk of shame!! We had to leave back all the items that we didn’t buy. It wasn’t enough that we had to walk into “Netto”, we weren’t even allowed to shop our groceries there.

Anyhow, after our embarrassing experience we headed to our loyal supervalu shop and I was in heaven! Aisle of organic yoghurt and the fruit. The fruit people. hallelujah! The lesson learned from this experience is that you should never ever buy your groceries at Aldi or Netto, Ever!

In the name of good food I solemnly swear that I am up to no good


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