Hubba Hubba… If Owen Wilson could live here then so can I

I just entered the doors of heaven and I will happily close them behind me. Oh my, Dubrovnik has made me speechless. And that is a pretty hard task to accomplish. How can you describe a town where you live in a hotel where you wake up to the sound of the sea? Where the life guard looks like a Giorgio Armani model? Where the sea is 20 footsteps away, just as blue as my fathers eyes and just as silky as oil?

It’s 33 degrees outside and 26 in my room but I really don’t mind. Why would I? My whole summer was spent in Sweden where tha rain decided to settle. f there is a God his favourite place must be Dubrovnik. And don’t even get me started on the hotel! Even the soaps in the bathroom made me scream when I checked in.

Let me describe it with the art of photography




It’s Fresh N´ Good


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