Good day for a sizzling photo of the “twins”

This has been a good day. This has been a good summer. It really has, probably one of the best Iv’e ever had actually. No drama, no tears, just music, dance, eye candy, food and more food. And today I got the feeling that my dear friend Iva felt the same way about her summer.

I can’t belive that I actually haven’t seen her for 2 months!? That’s almost a lifetime for soulmates. She happened to be in Croatia when I was there but sadly we were parted by the mountains. So I had to bite it through and wait to see my best friend again!

Anyhow we finally met up today and our friend Victoria also joined the fun. Talk about nostalgia trip back to Croatia. That was all we talked about and dudes, It’s official, I want to live in Croatia. And I have the feeling tha Iva will join me, whoop whoop pop the champagne!

But sadly school starts in a couple of days so my future trip to Croatia will have to wait a whole year… Do you think I’ll handle the building pile of essays and due dates until then? I do, but lets keep our thumbs crossed, knock on some wood and pray to all the gods in the univerise that I get at least one smokin’ hot teacher that will make it a little bit easier for me to get some A’s.

Oh I almost forgot! Gossip of the day, I just heard that the new students at my school are looking pretty good. Not bad, new eye candy. Yes pleaze… But if you don’t have any hot mamas at your school just pop in here ever now and then and you can take a look at this sizzling photo.

Talk about some hot chicas..

See you later, CULO!


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