Sweet Six… Seventeen!?

How you doin?

Autumn has arrived to Uppsala and as always I have denied its existenz. Instead of wrapping myself in cuddly scarfs I had sworn to myself that I would only clothe myself in summer clothes. Yes yes yes, what a mistake. I’m down with a nasty little cold.For the time being I’m walking around in school with a snotty nose trying to hide from any one important and the occasional cute guy.  I really hope that I’ll get better before thursday cuz guess who is going to the Coldplay concert?! BAM! Right on the money. You were right, I am going!

Me, my sister, Stockholm, Coldplay AND marina and the diamonds AND Frank Ocean!
It’s going to be amazing. Lets hope it doesn’t rain, that would be unfortunate…

But if it would rain I would still be totally excited. I mean come on I’m going to see two amazing performers and one of my favourite bands in one night!

Speaking of amazing things, in a few days I will be a seventeen year old. It feels pretty strange if you ask me. Seventeen. Wow. Soon you’ll find me sitting behind a steering wheel.

And for all of you out there who don’t know who Frank Ocean: shame on you
Nahh just kidding, but check out the link below!


See you later alligator






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