That feeling when you want to whack your teacher with a sabre

Yesterday was the day that I had been waiting for. For two whole months I had longed for this day, the day when I would finally find out if fencing is something for me or if I should drop the sabre and leave the sport for the professionals. Even though my tummy slowly but surely filled up with butterflies and my sight grew dim because of the anxiety I sucked it up and opened the door to the fencing club´s training facilities. I’m so happy I did. Fencing is probably one of the best sports I’ve tried out. You feel kind of dangerous. Nah, but it really is a lot of fun. I recommend it for anyone who wants to try a sport where you get tested both mentally and physically. Plus you look fierce!

And even though my new fencing skills are still in the making I can’t wait to use them on one of my teachers. During yesterdays math lesson she told the whole class that she more or less thought that I was stupid.Do you want to know the reason behind her anger? I was chewing gum. Yep you heard me and so did she apparently. I quote “Maybe if you try to chew less and think slower you will understand the question.” I’m just waiting for the day when I get my test results back and I nail an A. or at least a B 😉 In your face crazy math lady!!

Nevertheless, right now I’m just enjoying the weekend. September has treated my kindly and even though school is more or less turning my brain into mush I can’t be happier because September really is one of the best months. The weather makes you think that summer is still around yet the tress change colour and the forests turn into a place of magic. And when nighttime arrives you can cuddle up next to your loved ones with a nice cup of tea and just chill. Could you ask for anything better?! AND, this september has been especially good for birthday cards. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten funnier cards. Here are a few of my favourites.

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I hope your September is as fabulous as mine


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