Sandy's a-comin'

It’s so sad to hear the what’s going on right now on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s scary how you can be so helpless when mothernature suddenly hits you. I hope everyone is okay. I really do.


Halloween la Ingrid Style

Yesterday I invited a bunch of friends, about 14, over to my house to celebrate Halloween. Before they came over I had a lot to do. I cleaned the house, bought groceries in town, fixed all the food and the cupcakes (yummy!!) and I sadly discovered that someone had stolen my bike. Fuck that. Really. Anyone who knows me knows that my bike is what makes my life go round. I feel paralyzed without it. We don’t own a car because everyone in the family either takes the train to work or the take their bike. And now I don’t have mine anymore. So I have to go to the police station tomorrow and report that it’s been stolen.

But yesterday was still really nice. Good company, good food and brilliant pumpkins! My friend Victoria came over to help me fix things for the party and she carved both pumpkins, one of the weighed 10 kg… I can tell you that that pumpkin got the most out of my back when i carried it home. But in the end it looked pretty damn good.


Jack Skellington pumpkin, all the credit goes to Victoria. That girl is good with a knife, freaky.


The infamous crew. The other dorks didn’t want to be in the photo. shame, they all looked fabulous. As you can see Rebecca in the middle is dressed as Beetle Juice! Love it!


And here we have our own little Granny (Amanda) and her “son” The sailor (Iva).


Some of the decorations I made. They turned out pretty nice.


Victoria came as a crazy cat lady. When she knocked on my door i wasn’t sure if she was dressed as anything or if that was just her party wear so I didn’t say anything. Then she took out the cat. Hahaha. Best thing- it meowed and purred. It funny at first, but then it started making noises when people where telling scary stories and everyone got freaked out so it had to go.


All in all my Halloween has been pretty swell, despite loosing my bike. And guess what!! On Thursday I’m going to destination…AMSTERDAM!!! I am so excited! I’m going with my mom and my big sister. Finally I get to meet her again, we haven’t seen each other since the begining of September. And I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam. All that art can’t be kept away from me. I just have to see it for myself. I post up some photos when I get back!

But right now I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my school break. Lean back, open a tube of ice-cream, light the pumpkins, but on a Coen Brothers movie and we are all set for the evening. I hope you do the same.

See ya coolio.

It’s Freakin’ Freezing Up Here

This wall is just beautiful. The artist behind this creation is called Case. I found this latest creation on It’s a really really good site for finding artists that create the most amazing imagines all across the earth. Check it out baby!

Last night I needed some cheering up after finishing my last exam before fall break. I found the best cure for my mood, Southpark. Man, I love that show! And they’ve just released new episodes. Cartman is so the male version of Honey Bo-bo. That dude is sassy! After Southpark cheering me up I woke up to find that winter is truly here. It is freaking freezing in Sweden! Gah! I can’t wait for the snow to come though. But that will be in a while. Lets focus on Halloween for the moment! I’m super excited. My Tuija is having a Halloween/birthday party and everyone has to get dressed up. Freaky part is that she lives in the middle of nowhere and we’re going to go on some kind of “ghostwalk”. I don’t really know what it’s called in English but it’s scary as hell. believe me. I’m planning on dressing up as a witch/ demon woman. I’m going to buy everything today so I’ll post you guys some pictures later on! I can tell you that I’m planning on going all out! White contact lenses, spooky dress, full on makep! It’s going to be the awesome. I hope you have a horrific and chilling Halloween.

See you later scary alligator

When I only want to see cats and patterns

There are four artists that truly inspire me when it comes to creating patterns and doing it while you’re having a good time. One of them is my dear midget neighbour, Fatema Zubery (or zoobeerry,, the other ones are Malarky, Aakash Nihalani and Low Bros. This is L.O.V.E

Malarky and the best owl ever. Man I love that owl!

Midget neighbour doing some hardcore work.

Aakash Nihalani

Low Bros really love doing cats, this is one of my favourite.


Malrky is hilarious. Love this.

If I would tell you that this raindeer is one of the first animals that midget neighbour ever tried to create you would probably call me a lier. But no no sir, I ain’t. She is amazing.

This painting by Low Bros reminds me of a teacher in a kind of creepy way.

Aakash is ridin like there’s no tomorrow 😉


I nedd to catch a break before the breaks don’t break no more

This has not been a good day. It started well with the fresh icy air puncturing my soul as I rushed to school and the insecure voinces of my fellow schoolmates filling the classroom as they tried to debate for something they didnät believe in. But gradually I just grew tired of everything. I tried to cheer myself up with buying some clothes at a secondhand market after school. That kind of helped, I truly love clothes, especially cheap ones! But the bad feelings started to creep up again. They just wouldn’t leave me alone. Nothing helped. I met up with Ive, Victoria and Linda over some cake. If friends and cake can’t help you, you know you’re in deep shit.

I need to get away. I’ve been checking out some applications to study a year abroad. New Zealand would be the best experience ever. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. Or America, gosh Chicago would be the dream. And if I apply I know my grades are good enough for me to get in. There’s just one problem, or well there are a lot of problems but there is one BIG obstacle. My folks. The tuition payments aint cheap. I hope they are willing but I doubt it. But te tuition payments do cover everything for a whole year.

I really need this. I can’t get past this feeling anymore. I’ve ignored this, this need to leave, for a few months. But Croatia was the boiling point, I realized that I didn’t miss a lot of what I had left in Sweden. How can you ignore a feeling like that? Please tell me, if you got some tips, because right now I’m torturing myself.

I need change.

Good Morning

Most mornings I feel like sleeping in. Most mornings I really don’t want to get up before 11 am. But this morning was different. This morning I was greeted by the sun. Oh yes, it dosen’t happen often, normally the sun is too shy to peak out behind the clouds and give me a “time to wake up Ingrid”. So it is a rare occasion when it happens. And occasions like this should be celebrated. So today when the sun did say hello, I decided to make… Pancakes!!!

Pancakes are truly delicious. And when you can eat them on your balcony in October, in Sweden, they taste even better. I think you’re getting the message, Iv’e had a really nice morning. And I hope you have too! After I finished my pancakes I started on my new project. My friend Anosheh wants me to repaint her longboard. She bought it from a guy in school who for some stupid reason sprayed “Kuk’n” on it.. For all of you who don’t understand Swedich it more or less means dick. Ha ha ha.. He probably had a fun time doing that. So far I’ve only sprayed it black, now I’ve come to the harder part. I have to spray paint the rest too. It’s going to take time because the pattern is pretty detailed but in the end it will be worth it, I hope. Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



À bientôt mon ami


During my last “sportbreak” (that’s what you call it in Sweden), which takes place in February, I travelled to Venice with my parents. The holiday was extremely enjoyable not only because of nice company but also because of how beautiful Venice is! I fell in love with this city and would would gladly go back there. I hope it rains just as much then as it did when I was last there.

I really regret not taking more photos of people! After every holiday I realize that i rarely take photos of my friends and family. It’s a pity and form now on I am going to try to take more photos of my buds and less photos of trees and buildings. escecially tress, sometimes I get the feeling that I’m kind of oppsessed about them . Therefor you shall not get one single photo of a tree! Enjoy

Such a FETCH city!!