Good Morning

Most mornings I feel like sleeping in. Most mornings I really don’t want to get up before 11 am. But this morning was different. This morning I was greeted by the sun. Oh yes, it dosen’t happen often, normally the sun is too shy to peak out behind the clouds and give me a “time to wake up Ingrid”. So it is a rare occasion when it happens. And occasions like this should be celebrated. So today when the sun did say hello, I decided to make… Pancakes!!!

Pancakes are truly delicious. And when you can eat them on your balcony in October, in Sweden, they taste even better. I think you’re getting the message, Iv’e had a really nice morning. And I hope you have too! After I finished my pancakes I started on my new project. My friend Anosheh wants me to repaint her longboard. She bought it from a guy in school who for some stupid reason sprayed “Kuk’n” on it.. For all of you who don’t understand Swedich it more or less means dick. Ha ha ha.. He probably had a fun time doing that. So far I’ve only sprayed it black, now I’ve come to the harder part. I have to spray paint the rest too. It’s going to take time because the pattern is pretty detailed but in the end it will be worth it, I hope. Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



À bientôt mon ami


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