When I only want to see cats and patterns

There are four artists that truly inspire me when it comes to creating patterns and doing it while you’re having a good time. One of them is my dear midget neighbour, Fatema Zubery (or zoobeerry,tumblr.com), the other ones are Malarky, Aakash Nihalani and Low Bros. This is L.O.V.E

Malarky and the best owl ever. Man I love that owl!

Midget neighbour doing some hardcore work.

Aakash Nihalani

Low Bros really love doing cats, this is one of my favourite.


Malrky is hilarious. Love this.

If I would tell you that this raindeer is one of the first animals that midget neighbour ever tried to create you would probably call me a lier. But no no sir, I ain’t. She is amazing.

This painting by Low Bros reminds me of a teacher in a kind of creepy way.

Aakash is ridin like there’s no tomorrow 😉



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