It’s Freakin’ Freezing Up Here

This wall is just beautiful. The artist behind this creation is called Case. I found this latest creation on It’s a really really good site for finding artists that create the most amazing imagines all across the earth. Check it out baby!

Last night I needed some cheering up after finishing my last exam before fall break. I found the best cure for my mood, Southpark. Man, I love that show! And they’ve just released new episodes. Cartman is so the male version of Honey Bo-bo. That dude is sassy! After Southpark cheering me up I woke up to find that winter is truly here. It is freaking freezing in Sweden! Gah! I can’t wait for the snow to come though. But that will be in a while. Lets focus on Halloween for the moment! I’m super excited. My Tuija is having a Halloween/birthday party and everyone has to get dressed up. Freaky part is that she lives in the middle of nowhere and we’re going to go on some kind of “ghostwalk”. I don’t really know what it’s called in English but it’s scary as hell. believe me. I’m planning on dressing up as a witch/ demon woman. I’m going to buy everything today so I’ll post you guys some pictures later on! I can tell you that I’m planning on going all out! White contact lenses, spooky dress, full on makep! It’s going to be the awesome. I hope you have a horrific and chilling Halloween.

See you later scary alligator


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