Halloween la Ingrid Style

Yesterday I invited a bunch of friends, about 14, over to my house to celebrate Halloween. Before they came over I had a lot to do. I cleaned the house, bought groceries in town, fixed all the food and the cupcakes (yummy!!) and I sadly discovered that someone had stolen my bike. Fuck that. Really. Anyone who knows me knows that my bike is what makes my life go round. I feel paralyzed without it. We don’t own a car because everyone in the family either takes the train to work or the take their bike. And now I don’t have mine anymore. So I have to go to the police station tomorrow and report that it’s been stolen.

But yesterday was still really nice. Good company, good food and brilliant pumpkins! My friend Victoria came over to help me fix things for the party and she carved both pumpkins, one of the weighed 10 kg… I can tell you that that pumpkin got the most out of my back when i carried it home. But in the end it looked pretty damn good.


Jack Skellington pumpkin, all the credit goes to Victoria. That girl is good with a knife, freaky.


The infamous crew. The other dorks didn’t want to be in the photo. shame, they all looked fabulous. As you can see Rebecca in the middle is dressed as Beetle Juice! Love it!


And here we have our own little Granny (Amanda) and her “son” The sailor (Iva).


Some of the decorations I made. They turned out pretty nice.


Victoria came as a crazy cat lady. When she knocked on my door i wasn’t sure if she was dressed as anything or if that was just her party wear so I didn’t say anything. Then she took out the cat. Hahaha. Best thing- it meowed and purred. It funny at first, but then it started making noises when people where telling scary stories and everyone got freaked out so it had to go.


All in all my Halloween has been pretty swell, despite loosing my bike. And guess what!! On Thursday I’m going to destination…AMSTERDAM!!! I am so excited! I’m going with my mom and my big sister. Finally I get to meet her again, we haven’t seen each other since the begining of September. And I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam. All that art can’t be kept away from me. I just have to see it for myself. I post up some photos when I get back!

But right now I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my school break. Lean back, open a tube of ice-cream, light the pumpkins, but on a Coen Brothers movie and we are all set for the evening. I hope you do the same.

See ya coolio.


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