Spirit Week

This week my school hosted our annual spirit week!! For all of you who don’t know what spirit week is, it’s an event that takes place at my school for one week each year. For five days everyone dresses up and each new day creates a new theme. This year the themes were: School spirit, 80s, cocktail party, Disney and on the last day you could dress up as anything! Spirit week is so much fun but it would be even more awesome if everyone dressed up. Sadly, not everyone agrees with me. But hey, democracy rules. Here are som pictures from friday when everyone came as anything they could find at home! All the pictures are taken by Esther Manktelow. You can find her on, http://www.whillows.blogspot.se/
Check her blog out. You might not understand a word she writes but she is an amazing nature photographer and man is that girl talented.

I tried to post up the rest of the photos but for some weird reason the links were broken. Pity, but you can see everyone on the first photo!

Fairy, Little red riding hood, and Superwoman. Though in my opinion superwoman looks a lot like Hitgirl from Kick-ass. Hitgirl is awesome.

The perfect boy band. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the girls today. Best boy band ever!

Coolest hippie couple around and sugar-coated indian babe made my day

Don’t we look fab?!


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