Amsterdam, Photo explosion!

My Autumn holiday was spent in Amsterdam with my mother and my sister whom I haven’t met since the beginning of September. Amsterdam was better that what I had expected. If I had to describe it with one word it would be; Random. In a good way. Everything from the “coffeshops”, cats in restaurants, beautiful boutiques, brilliant art museums and the apartments. Despite the bad weather I had a good time. And I found plenty of apartments that I wanted to buy. Move to Amsterdam? Yes Please!

I want to live here! In the black house. gash, they are so beautiful!

Gretas photobomb. Isn’t she pretty?

This might be the best ad ever.. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this, but yes sir it is real

On the first dat me and mom explored the streets of Amsterdam and we found this really nice hammock shop. Rows after rows of hammocks kind of made this the best shop ever to take a snooze in, if only the shop keeper allowed it

When Greta landed we went out and found this japanese restaurant called Sumo. It was a crazy buffet restraunt and everything was delicious. The sushi was amazing. Check it out if you’re ever in Amsterdam.

The outside of the modern museum!

Haha.. We went on this boat trip and the boat we choose was owned by a company called “Lovers Company”. We were joking that it would be the three of us and a bunch of lovers but we could not have been more wrong! The boat felt more like a refugee boat. It was packed, babies were crying and the boat was anything but romantic. The whole experience was hilarious. I still can’t believe that we actually sat in a boat owned by “Lovers Company”

Photobomb no.2 by Greta

When I get the chance I’ll go back to Amsterdam! I hope I’ll see you guys there at a rave party!


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