Photobomb: Christmas

This Christmas was spent in Dun Laoghairé with my family and our close friends. Every year we go down to Dun Laoghaire to celebrate Christmas and I was glad when we stepped out of our car and I set my eyes on my favorite door, the black no. 9. And this Christmas wasn’t very different from the ones I have experienced before. We stuffed our faces as usual, lit the Christmas pudding as usual (only this time we succeeded), we opened presents, we played games, we watched movies. But most of all, we enjoyed each others company.

To keep tradions up and going a few of us walked one of the family dogs on the pier. Only this time I stepped in pooh, a boy mistook me and my sister for being twins and I finally got the chance to see if curly hair can survive horrid winds. It cannot.









IMG_5104These cheese things, whatever you call them, are the best things in the world! (After salmon ofcourse, nothing is better than salmon)

IMG_5117The ugliest photobomb in the world.

IMG_5136After years and years of trying we finally succeeded in lighting the pudding!

IMG_5015I love this photo! Haha, my dad bought a breathalyzer, because he’s driving over here, and everyone wanted to try it out. Lovely family photo of the funniest family. All gathered around the breathalyzer. Brilliant.

IMG_5040Christmas has been really nice. It’s extremely windy over here, extremely green ( I was shocked when I got of the plane after having lived though the tundra in Sweden), and it’s been really really nice to hang out with Greta. I only have one more week in Ireland and then I’m back in Sweden. Don’t know if that’s good or not. Guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

Gosh it’s soon 2013. I can’t wait. I love new beginnings.


Insomnia and Smoked Salmon

Recently  I have found myself on facebook every night just before i go to sleep. Just to see if that special person has written something to me. Normally I would just have called or visited them, but lying in a bed in Dublin, in Ireland makes that a little bit hard. My options are slim, so facebook it is. But sadly my hopes are always crushed over by the harsh truth. Nope dude, you ain’t got mail.

So I am comforting my newly slap in the face, by the evil internet monster, with some good old smoked salmon. Man smoked salmon is amazing… Words can’t describe my relationship with smoked salmon. Or lets make that salmon in any form. Newly toasted bread with some lemon, salad, spring onions, avocado AND smoked salmon. I mean, who can say no to that? Not me. So instead of flirting with lover boy who is sadly miles and miles away from me, I have settled for some smoked salmon. And I shall not feel sorry for myself. It tastes freaking good. Foodgasm here I come.

If you ain’t got no lover lying by your side, don’t be afraid you call the salmon guy, or the post dude. Whatever works for you!


Tonight we eat, Tomorrow we dance

Long time no crackalackin’ mates. This post should have been posted a few days ago, but hey, I’m lazy.

So the Christmas tree is up, I’m in the kitchen baking and I’m sneak listening to Greta’s spotify. Shh don’t tell her. On Sunday I’m leaving Sweden. I’m gonna place my butt on the airplane seat, most likely seat 12D. What do you guys think it’ll be? And during the whole plane ride and the whole taxi ride to our house and during those 20 metres I have to walk up to our house I will do nothing but smile. Because on Sunday I get to say hi to Greta again. And on Sunday I get to walk through my favorite house, scream at the top of my voice when all the spiders start creeping (Ireland seems to be their favourite habitat) and I finally get the chance to laugh at Greta’s lame jokes and I finally get the chance to eat the best yogurt ever. Irish yogurt is the best. No jokes about that.

And guys, Christmas is all most here! I can’t wait. Right now I’m baking “Lussebullar”. You might now what I’m talking about or you have no idea. But friends and foes don’t fear. Ingrid is here to guide you through Sweden’s traditions. But seriously, they are amazing. You could say that they are saffron buns with raisins. But you don’t have to put in the raisins if you don’t want to. Every Christmas is the same, I promise you that every family probably has a huge debate whether or not they should have raisins in the dough. Feels like have of the Swedish population loves the raisins and the rest can’t stand those little brown things. Personally I love them!

I hope Christmas is treating you kindly.


Suck it, Fuck it, What do I care?

I’m annoyed and frustrated and darn right angry! Why? Well there are many reasons. Most of them are about myself, I guess. But some of them are about those jerks that deserve a punch in the face. Those jerks that are rude, cold towards you, shallow and selfish. Man I hate selfish people. I’ts hard for me to grasp why people orbit around selfish induviduals. Why why why?!

And why is there no time for building snowmen, or sled riding or just asking each other how one another feels about life? And not just life in general. But how we really feel about everything. Why is everything about nothing these days?

But I know the real reason why I’m feeling like shit. Nothing is really going my way right now. And that’s hard to cope with, because honestly that doesn’t happen very often. So yeah I feel like shit. I feel like shit in school because I don’t feel comfortable, my classes are boring and all my close friends are graduating next year which has gotten me really worried. Will I be all alone next year? I could never handle that. And there’s a difference being visible alone and knowing you are alone. Of course I will have people to hang out with, but would I be missed if I wasn’t there? I think about that pretty often. I need people to like me. I have always felt the need to be accepted ever since I was a child. And when I feel like I am not needed I can get self conscious and I start noticing the flaws and cracks that I carry. I feel like it’s my fault that someone dosen’t like me so, I try to fix it. But more than often you can’t change the things that make you into you. No matter what you do they still won’t fancy you, they will not miss you if you don’t show up, they won’t cheer when you win and they won’t be there for you when you loose. Maybe I know to many who are like that. But I donät think that is the case. I’m thinking to much about how everyone else sees me, because I see myself in a bad way and therefor I start thinking that so does everyone else. I always analyze everything when I’m sad. It happens to be the thing i do the most right now. Fuck me right?

And I find myself acting rude towards the people who do love me Most likely because they are the ones who get to see how I really feel. I don’t know. I have to apologies tomorrow. I really do. I know that they are fed up with me.

Whatever it is I need to fix it before I comletely fall apart. I need to find time to hang out with my best friend, and I have to find a source of calmness, my mom suggested yoga. Iäm leaning more towards boxing. I need to smile more often. I have to stop critizing myself. I have to realize that I am good at many things, I know it to be true.

But most of all. I just need to love. Something. And i need something to love me back.

Drum n’ Bass

What up chicos y chicas!?

Right now I’m chillin’ in my room, stuffin’ my face with crisps. Mhmmm. But I really don’t want to be doing this. It’s Friday and here I am sitting alone in my room. Fuck me right? My friend keeps on texting me telling me to come into town because he’s at this great Drum n’ Bass concert, which of course I would love to be at. But I can’t. I have to work tomorrow and my folks won’t let me out because of that. Even though I really really really want to be at the concert (My favourite part is when you go crazy after the drop) I know my parents are right on this one. I’ve been trying to get a job for a while and I’ve finally have way. In a few weeks I might actually have a weekend job!! Lets get excited you guys!

Oh yeah I almost forgot! A few days ago I told you that winter has arrived in Sweden. Well… It’s kind of messing things up, which I love because it shows everyone that our government isn’t funding the right stuff, like our railway system which is extremely important for the Swedish economy. Anyhow right now my town is covered in about four decimetres of snow which is about 16 inches. That’s lot of snow. It’s only been snowing for 5 days?! It never stopped. It just kept on coming. Crazy. But after Wednesdays chaos when Sweden stopped the storm has settled and I am now living in a winter wonderland.

I hope you all will one day experience the real winter wonderland. Kiss kiss hug hug xxx

Plowing through the snow, I’m on fire!

Do you remember what I wrote yesterday about my love for the snow and my love for winter a la Swedish style? Well I’ve decided to take back my public statement. Today hell has frozen. It is so cold and I have to cycle to school. Wohoo! I woke up today in my frosty room, opened the blinds and almost died of shock when I saw that the thermometer itself has frozen on minus 14 celsius Come on?! Am I supposed to cycle in this weather without a functioning jacket? Someone is clearly messing with me on this one. So here I am sitting behind my laptop pitying myself. At least school doesn’t start until 11.45 so if I’m lucky the temperature will rise with a few degrees.

I was supposed to go into school earlier to study but I’ve decided that I want to stay at home a little longer and just chill, with my italian grammar book. Sounds like the perfect date, right? Nah not really. We all know that I would rather be training all day if I could. Fencing is just freakin’ awesome. I can’t describe the feeling that consumes me when I win against a training buddy whom I’ve lost against so many times before. I just want to keep on stabbin’ and keep on jammin’ to the beat of the clock.

But I don’t af a training session today which kind of sucks. So for now I have to entertain myself with this: A vodka movie by Zach Galifianakis Zach is the best guy ever. I love him.

But in a few hours I must cycle, whether I want to or not. So wish me luck and may the odds be ever in my favour. If you don’t hear anything from me in a few days you’ll know that I fell over, froze and became one with nature. Let us hope that doesn’t happen today.