Welcome to Sweden, Uppsala

Winter has finally arrived and just in time for that my winter jacket has gotten itself messed up. So here I’m sitting in my cozy blanket, listening to First Aid Kit, looking att different festivals for next summer and trying to ignore the snow outside. Cause all I want to do is go outside, roll around in the white fluffy snow and make snow angles.  I love the way the snow glitters and makes everything light up. If we need something in Sweden during December it’s a little bit more light. But I can’t go out, because my jacket hates me. It’s so ironic that the zip breaks when the temperature finally drops to minus 11 celsius. But I give my thanks to Thor, Buddha, He who must not be named and anyone else who can influence shit in this world, because yesterday I was able to take some photos of my beautiful hometown just before the zip popped.

It’s freezing at home. I was not ment to live in this sort of climate, even though I wish I was. But what can you do to make it steamy instead of freezing? My solution; Eight layers of clothes, tons of tea, tons of candles, cheesy movie and a smokin’ hot person to lie beside. Yeah that works. Now I’m feelin’ hot hot hot.












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