Plowing through the snow, I’m on fire!

Do you remember what I wrote yesterday about my love for the snow and my love for winter a la Swedish style? Well I’ve decided to take back my public statement. Today hell has frozen. It is so cold and I have to cycle to school. Wohoo! I woke up today in my frosty room, opened the blinds and almost died of shock when I saw that the thermometer itself has frozen on minus 14 celsius Come on?! Am I supposed to cycle in this weather without a functioning jacket? Someone is clearly messing with me on this one. So here I am sitting behind my laptop pitying myself. At least school doesn’t start until 11.45 so if I’m lucky the temperature will rise with a few degrees.

I was supposed to go into school earlier to study but I’ve decided that I want to stay at home a little longer and just chill, with my italian grammar book. Sounds like the perfect date, right? Nah not really. We all know that I would rather be training all day if I could. Fencing is just freakin’ awesome. I can’t describe the feeling that consumes me when I win against a training buddy whom I’ve lost against so many times before. I just want to keep on stabbin’ and keep on jammin’ to the beat of the clock.

But I don’t af a training session today which kind of sucks. So for now I have to entertain myself with this: A vodka movie by Zach Galifianakis Zach is the best guy ever. I love him.

But in a few hours I must cycle, whether I want to or not. So wish me luck and may the odds be ever in my favour. If you don’t hear anything from me in a few days you’ll know that I fell over, froze and became one with nature. Let us hope that doesn’t happen today.


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