Drum n’ Bass

What up chicos y chicas!?

Right now I’m chillin’ in my room, stuffin’ my face with crisps. Mhmmm. But I really don’t want to be doing this. It’s Friday and here I am sitting alone in my room. Fuck me right? My friend keeps on texting me telling me to come into town because he’s at this great Drum n’ Bass concert, which of course I would love to be at. But I can’t. I have to work tomorrow and my folks won’t let me out because of that. Even though I really really really want to be at the concert (My favourite part is when you go crazy after the drop) I know my parents are right on this one. I’ve been trying to get a job for a while and I’ve finally have way. In a few weeks I might actually have a weekend job!! Lets get excited you guys!

Oh yeah I almost forgot! A few days ago I told you that winter has arrived in Sweden. Well… It’s kind of messing things up, which I love because it shows everyone that our government isn’t funding the right stuff, like our railway system which is extremely important for the Swedish economy. Anyhow right now my town is covered in about four decimetres of snow which is about 16 inches. That’s lot of snow. It’s only been snowing for 5 days?! It never stopped. It just kept on coming. Crazy. But after Wednesdays chaos when Sweden stopped the storm has settled and I am now living in a winter wonderland.

I hope you all will one day experience the real winter wonderland. Kiss kiss hug hug xxx


2 thoughts on “Drum n’ Bass

  1. Nights out are fun… but sometimes a night in is pretty awesome too. Plus, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere in that much snow! Best wishes on the weekend job front, and enjoy your winter wonderland! I grew up right here in Florida, so I’ve never seen snow. Maybe when I was really young… I can’t remember. Throw a snowball for me! It’s on my bucket list. LOL

    1. Hey! Didn’t see your comment. Nights in are good, especially in this weather! Boy, Florida must be a lot warmer than over here. I’ve never been to Florida but I have heard that it’s pretty swell. The snow is nice but after a while you grow tired of it. But you gotta discover the snow, I think you’ll love it. I’ll throw you a snowball if you throw be a coconut!

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