Tonight we eat, Tomorrow we dance

Long time no crackalackin’ mates. This post should have been posted a few days ago, but hey, I’m lazy.

So the Christmas tree is up, I’m in the kitchen baking and I’m sneak listening to Greta’s spotify. Shh don’t tell her. On Sunday I’m leaving Sweden. I’m gonna place my butt on the airplane seat, most likely seat 12D. What do you guys think it’ll be? And during the whole plane ride and the whole taxi ride to our house and during those 20 metres I have to walk up to our house I will do nothing but smile. Because on Sunday I get to say hi to Greta again. And on Sunday I get to walk through my favorite house, scream at the top of my voice when all the spiders start creeping (Ireland seems to be their favourite habitat) and I finally get the chance to laugh at Greta’s lame jokes and I finally get the chance to eat the best yogurt ever. Irish yogurt is the best. No jokes about that.

And guys, Christmas is all most here! I can’t wait. Right now I’m baking “Lussebullar”. You might now what I’m talking about or you have no idea. But friends and foes don’t fear. Ingrid is here to guide you through Sweden’s traditions. But seriously, they are amazing. You could say that they are saffron buns with raisins. But you don’t have to put in the raisins if you don’t want to. Every Christmas is the same, I promise you that every family probably has a huge debate whether or not they should have raisins in the dough. Feels like have of the Swedish population loves the raisins and the rest can’t stand those little brown things. Personally I love them!

I hope Christmas is treating you kindly.



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