Insomnia and Smoked Salmon

Recently  I have found myself on facebook every night just before i go to sleep. Just to see if that special person has written something to me. Normally I would just have called or visited them, but lying in a bed in Dublin, in Ireland makes that a little bit hard. My options are slim, so facebook it is. But sadly my hopes are always crushed over by the harsh truth. Nope dude, you ain’t got mail.

So I am comforting my newly slap in the face, by the evil internet monster, with some good old smoked salmon. Man smoked salmon is amazing… Words can’t describe my relationship with smoked salmon. Or lets make that salmon in any form. Newly toasted bread with some lemon, salad, spring onions, avocado AND smoked salmon. I mean, who can say no to that? Not me. So instead of flirting with lover boy who is sadly miles and miles away from me, I have settled for some smoked salmon. And I shall not feel sorry for myself. It tastes freaking good. Foodgasm here I come.

If you ain’t got no lover lying by your side, don’t be afraid you call the salmon guy, or the post dude. Whatever works for you!



2 thoughts on “Insomnia and Smoked Salmon

  1. Yeah it really does.. I have to turn of the chat mode sometimes just to not have the ability to see if he’s in or not. Oh choclate milk sounds yummi! Gonna get some myself 😉 Have a nice day Katie!

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