We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

During my Christmas holiday my sister introduced me to a wonderful movie, a movie which is not going to be shown in Sweden. My sister told me about the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. I wasn’t planning on telling you very much about the movie, you should discover everything there is to know about it yourself. It’s always nicer that way. You know when you feel like you were the only person who really understood the movie. You know when you feel like you’re sharing a secret with the director.

Anyhow there is this one scene in the movie that will never leave my mind. I think all of you have realized that I’ve had my ups and downs during the past year. Anyone who reads this little secret garden will have seen on or two depressing insights into my mind when im feeling under the weather. And because of this I feel so fortunate that I happened to watch this movie with my sister. I could really relate with the main character. Anyway, back to the scene. So the main character is talking to his English teacher. And he asks him why so many people fall in love with douchebags. And his teacher replies with this line that is so simple, so obvious but nevertheless so heartbreaking when you realize that it’s true; “Charlie, people accept the love they think they deserve”.

It’s so simple isn’t it. It’s so sad when you see you’re friends fall for bad people. And you always wonder why. You’re friends are not stupid. If you think they are maybe you should get some new friends. You know that they most likely see that this lover, this person who is supposed to be there for them really shouldn’t deserve to stand next to them. You know that they know that this person doesn’t deserve to put their arm around their waist. But they stay. It makes me sad. And all you really can do is to keep on making your friends realize that they are beautiful. Then you just wait and hope that they eventually realize it themselves and drop the people who don’t deserve them. “People accept the love they think they deserve”. Come on, we can’t have it like that. It should be that people love the love they know the deserve.

I hope I realize this sometime soon. I really do.


I think you should read this

I think you could fall in love with anyone if you saw the parts of them no one else gets to see. Like if you followed them around invisibly for a day and saw them crying in their bed at night or singing in the shower or humming quietly to themselves as they make a sandwich or even just walking along the street. And even if they were really weird and had no friends at school, I think, after seeing them at their most vulnerable, you wouldn’t be able to help falling in love with them.

This is beautiful. You’ll find everything else you need to know about life here, http://mols.tumblr.com/

Marley Park

Hola Guapas! Today I didn’t do much. My excuse: I woke up and half the day had passed. But do not cry for me my friends. I did have time to draw a little and I went out for a lovely walk with my sister and my papi. Here are a few of the pictures I got going on during the day. I hope you like them!






I love this fairy tree! It’s one of the best things in Marley park. There are windows, and towers, and fairies and ladders! And people leave the cutest things. You can find small notes from kids, and there are tons of star stickers and small “diamonds” that people have glued on here and there. It’s a joy to look at.