Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Hey there beautiful. Maybe I got you all worked up and worried when you realized that I had stopped visiting this little sanctuary to share my thoughts or maybe you were pleased to realize that I had stopped thinking out loud. Either way I hope you are pleased to know that I am alive and doing well. Lets just say that I’ve been pretty busy lately.

I’ve actually started exercising, a lot. As many of you know I used to fence, which I still do, but know I’ve added a few sports to my agenda because I’ve started getting into modern pentathlon. It’s actually really random that I started doing it but I am so happy that I have. If you don’t know what modern pentathlon is, it is a sport that consists out of swimming, fencing, shooting, running and show jumping. So yeah, I’m training a lot which is nice because I have so much frustration inside of me and the only way to get it out is to get physical and when you aint got no  boy-toy you exercise, like hell. But it’s paying off. I’m a lot happier right now and I belive it’s because of all the hours going into running, shooting, swimming and fencing. The show jumping comes later when I’ve been doing the modern pentathlon for some time! I’m super excited about getting up on a horse though I can’t say that my friend and training buddy is as happy about that. I think our first encounter with the horses will be funny, she’s gonna be so freaked out.

Oh yeah! Guess what!! My dad turned 57 a few weeks ago. I hope that when I have reached 57 I will have a list of accomplishments which is as long as his.

So right now training, surviving school and still succeeding in having a social life is how monday to sunday looks like and I have to say that so far I’m pulling it off with finesse.


IMG_5187Papi  and a delish birthday cake<3

Sleep tight my sexy bed bugs and I’ll see you soon. promise. I haven’t given up on this blog quite yet, xxx


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