Let’s Have a Kiki


You are supposed to be everything I ever dreamt off. You are supposed to be what I wait for at night, what makes me want wake up in the mornings and what makes me smile.

You’re nice to me. And you always blush when we say hi to each other. You’re funny and good-looking. You’re body is to die for. You have the cutest laugh. You love to discuss politics with me and you’re smart.

It’s so relaxing to be around you. But that’s the problem. It’s relaxing. It’s should to be exhilarating. I can’t wait to fall in love but I know that it won’t be you that I’ll fall for. And that is some some way heartbreaking because I know that we would be so good together but I still can’t forget that you don’t seem to be able to drive me insane. The kind of insanity I always feel when I like someone is lacking when I’m with you.

Please just drive me insane. Just stop being a gentleman and take me. I don’t know what you are waiting for. Let’s have a Kiki babe. I know you wont say no to that.


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