I hate the feeling of uncertainty that comes along with love. Does he like me? Am I good enough? What if he finds me boring? Should I do this, should I do that? You question everything about yourself because suddenly what someone else thinks about you is important. I find it frustrating because I tend to torture myself until I finally find out if the person I like is into me or if they don’t feel the same way. gash

About tree weeks ago I would have been carefree and fine to live without love because there was no one that caught my eye. But now it’s the only thing I think about. I hate the first weeks when it’s the only thing that circulates you mind and you get weak in the knees when you know that your going to meet you crush. It’s only okay when they look back. It’s only okay when they show you that they are interested. Otherwise it’s just torture, pure and simple torture.


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