The september Issue

It’s easy to loose your way now and again. For some its easier than others. Lately I’ve been stressed about.. well everything if I’m going to be totally honest. It’s not easy when you want to accomplish everything at once. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. This month is one of those months when nothing goes your way.

The September issue… not knowing why he doesn’t like you. And it’s not that I feel hopeless without him, not at all. I’m fine, really. I just think it’s a pity because I know that we would have be so freakin fabulous together. We would have been amazing. And it wouldn’t have mattered that he was a tad shorter than me or that he was still trying to quit smoking but not really succeeding. It wouldn’t matter that people would look at us and see us as incompatible. And I couldn’t blame them, because they wouldn’t have know what was really going on.

That his smile is still the sweetest thing on earth at the moment. Or that I always wish I was the girl he talked to, hugged, laughed with. They wouldn’t know that every time I meet him I just know that there’s something special with that guy. He’s just nice. In every way.

Ah you guys it’s not good. But at least he genuinely thinks I’m a cool kid. Is that supposed to help? That he wants to be my friend? Sometimes it does and sometimes it’s the worst thing I can think off. Pff I’ll get over it.


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