Autumns Here

I can’t paint nails for shit. I can’t whistle and I’m useless when it comes to cleaning. I’m messy and to self-conscious for my well-being. But I am nevertheless fucking amazing. In every way that is important. I can’t believe I let a someone else get in the way of Me, Myself and I. In the end that’s what’s important. I have to be comfortable with myself. I can’t start doubting myself due to the fact that I’m not wanted by another human being. Everyone has their weaknesses and faces hard times. This has been a hard time for me. I’ve just been out of it. I lost track and that happens to everyone. But good tidings are never to far away.

My braces are off! I’m pleased with my teeth and I’m so happy to no longer have to deal with blisters.

I’ve gotten into the routine of studying again. Very necessary and it turns out to actually be pretty fun when you get into it again.

Autumn has arrived to Uppsala which fills my heart with joy. I love the change of colours, the fresh and crisp coldness and the autumn jackets.

But most of all: I’m happy with myself again. Finally.


One thought on “Autumns Here

  1. I can’t whistle either. I’ve come to terms with it, so don’t feel alone.

    Glad that you were able to put those things in perspective, you sound very self assured and ready to take on the world. Congrats on your braces!

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