Long Distance

If there is one thing that my friends have advised me not to commit to is being in a long distance relationship. Ever since I started dating people I liked I’ve been a strong believer that couples who live so far from each other that they can’t see each other every second week are doomed from the very start. But is it really as impossible as many claim?

I’m aware that it is extremely difficult to be apart from the person you’re together with. But one has to realize that it’s not only long distance relationships that are hard. They’re just different from “normal” ones. Being apart from each other creates obstacles. It’s impossible to connect on a physical level, that’s for sure. It’s definitely harder for you to read your partners body language (unless you only use Skype) which makes it difficult for you to know how your partner feels or reacts to certain things unless they say it out loud. The fact that you can’t hug the person you want to hug the most makes it even harder. Being together with someone who doesn’t live in the same town or even in the same country isn’t easy and it takes more dedication than a normal relationship would. That’s my opinion. But does that mean that it’s not worth it?

Long distance relationships that turn out to be successful are based on trust and being honest with your significant other. It’s easier for your partner to be paranoid, and get away with it, if they often meet you and therefore don’t get the chance to spin-off and believe that their imagination meets what’s really going on. But if you don’t get the chance to hangout now and then it’s easy to fall into the paranoia-trap. You’ll realize that your partner is hanging out with other people and you’re not there. You read into things that don’t exist. Paranoid people will in my opinion never make it in a functioning long distance relationship.

If you would happen to meet someone who you really like I would say go for it. No matter where they live. As long as you know what you getting yourself into. It’s going to take up a lot of your time, just as “normal” relationships do. But this time will be spent on the phone or sitting at the computer screen. As long as you feel like your relationship is going somewhere it’s worth it. You need to know where it’s going. If you don’t it may be hard to remember why you’re dating someone you don’t get to kiss every week when you might as well be doing it with someone who lives in your city.

long distance


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